In 1990, I received my first contract as a photojournalist from the Volkskrant, one of the leading daily newspapers in the Netherlands, with a circulation of 350.000. In 1988, I graduated with distinction at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. After that, I gained a great deal of experience as an apprentice for various photographers and newspapers. In 1989, I photographed George Bush Sr., who was visiting the Netherlands for the first time. To this day, I get positive reactions on that picture.

In the years after that, I did a great deal of photography for the national news. I travelled the world and did a lot of war photography. I covered the conflict in former Yugoslavia and I also worked in Ethiopia, Iraq, Uganda and Cambodia. On my journeys, patience and ingenuity were of vital importance ‘to be there’ at the right moment.

About a decade ago, advertising agencies asked me more and more to work on assignment, besides my work as a photojournalist. Although I had my reservations initially, I soon found out that I was getting better at working on this basis. I was assigned by the Royal Dutch Airlines, the KLM, to travel through Chile, for example.

In 2000, I was honoured with the Silver Camera for my coverage of the daily news. This is the most prestigious award for photojournalism in the Netherlands. I made a series a pictures of soccer riots in Rotterdam after a championship. That same year, I was voted Photojournalist of the Year 1999. One of the reasons for this was my series about refugees during the war in Kosovo.

After that period, I became more interested in commercial photography. Working for advertising agencies and companies became the major part of my duties. I have created advertising campaigns for the Department of Justice, KPMG, Deloitte, the ING bank and Peugeot, Achmea and the Dutch Police Academy.

Throughout the years, making portraits remained a constant factor. At first mostly brief encounters for the paper, but later the portraits became more posed and were sometimes made in the studio. I now work with digital Hasselblad equipment with extremely large files for high-quality application.

My work has become more versatile. The challenge for me is to strive for ever higher standards. More and more, clients ask me to make moving pictures as well. Sometimes, photography assignments become film assignments. My skills as an all-round image maker have developed considerably. In the recent years I thaught myself how to make short video-clips and documentaries. In 2012 I completed a series of 13 commercials for the Dutch Police Academy.

Marcel Molle
Landsmeer, may 2012